Tips for Financial Freedom: Free Checking & Savings Accounts

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Find Your Financial Freedom…Finally!

Now you can find your financial freedom by letting us pay you to bank with us! We call it Kasasa! Here is how you can Kasasa:

First, open a Kasasa Checking account where we pay you cash back or a high interest rate in rewards checking.

Second, attach your Kasasa Checking account to our Kasasa Saver account where we will pay you a high interest rate on your balances and deposit your checking rewards into your savings account.

Let’s look at the details of these accounts. There is no minimum balance requirement for any of our Kasasa accounts…so they are basically free. In addition, there are no penalties or fees with these accounts. We simply ask you to agree to a few banking transactions that allow us to give you great rewards.

Kasasa Checking Accounts

  • Kasasa Cash earns high interest of up to 2.01% APY* on balances up to $10,000, every month you qualify.

  • Kasasa Cash Back earns 2.0% cash back on all debit card purchases up to $6 per month and every month you qualify.

To get all your Kasasa Checking rewards, just do these three things every qualification cycle each month

  • Swipe your debit card 15 times
  • Have at least 1 ACH payment post and settle
  • Log into online banking

Both accounts offer nationwide foreign ATM withdrawal fee refunds and no monthly service fees.


Kasasa Saver Account

  • Kasasa Saver also earns high interest of up to 1.00% APY* on balances up to $100,000 each month that you qualify.

Kasasa Saver is a free account linked to your Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back checking account. Every month, your foreign ATM withdrawal fee refunds and the interest you earn in your Kasasa Cash or the cash from your Kasasa Cash Back account are automatically transferred into this account.

Third, think about some goals you’d like to achieve: save for down payment on a new car, or a new home. Save for a trip or perhaps some home improvements. Save for college. The list is endless…and your dreams can be too. Just determine how much you can comfortably save every week or month; perhaps save a certain amount each payday. You can have that amount automatically deducted from your Kasasa Checking account and put into your Kasasa Saver account. Before you know it, you will be saving the money you want for your goals.

Consider these savings amounts per a biweekly pay period or 26 weeks.

  • $20 = $520 plus Rewards + Interest =

  • $25 = $650 plus Rewards + Interest =

  • $50 = $1,300 plus Rewards + Interest =

  • $75 = $1,950 plus Rewards + Interest =

  • $100 = $2,600 plus Rewards + Interest =

It’s as easy as one, two, three! You choose the rewards you want Honor Bank to pay you. Attach your Kasasa accounts so Honor Bank can pay the most on your balances. Determine your goals and how much you need to save to reach your goals. Finally, you are on your way to reaching your financial freedom.  The best part, once you take control of your goals and discipline yourself to save to reach them…the more freedom you will feel financially in all your future plans. Let Honor Bank help by paying you to bank with them! Can you say Kasasa?

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Here are all the good things to know about Kasasa Banking!


**Non-maintenance activity fees, such as fees for paper statements, may apply.


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