The Secret to Free Halloween Costumes: 5 reasons to participate in National Costume Swap Day



Halloween costumes can provoke mixed emotions. On the one hand, they're lots of fun and provide a great opportunity for creativity. On the other, figuring out and finding the right one can be difficult, especially if cost is an issue.

In recent years, some green-minded folks have started pushing a new idea to help people enjoy Halloween without spending too much on costumes: National Costume Swap Day. On the second Saturday of October, people and organizations in many communities around the country will host costume switch parties.

You can bring your families and your costumes from the past few years and see what others have to offer.

Why Swapping Halloween Costumes Is a Great Idea

1) It's free!

Holidays can make budgeting that much more difficult. Every month with a special occasion usually means more spending. This Halloween can be an exception.

You already have some old Halloween costumes to contribute. If you and your family can find some used costumes in the right size at the swap, you're set for this year without spending a dime.

2) It's better for the environment.

An outfit you wear once and never bring out again uses a comparable amount of materials and resources to the clothes you wear everyday. If you think about it in environmental terms, those Halloween costumes start to look pretty wasteful.

A costume switch falls under the same idea as recycling: you reuse something to avoid using new resources, helping the environment in the process. 

3) It can get you out of your comfort zone.

People can get pretty creative when it comes to their Halloween costumes. A group of people presenting their old costumes for perusal might give you some ideas you'd have never considered before.

National Costume Swap Day can both simplify the process of figuring out what to wear this year and fuel some more interesting, creative ideas than you may have come to on your own.

4) You might make a friend (or a few).

Like any other event, attending a National Costume Swap Day gathering includes an opportunity to meet some new people. You and your kids might just encounter someone who becomes a good friend for years to come.

5) It's fun!

Lots of people sharing and trying on costumes in one place – how could that not be fun? Everyone will be in the spirit of celebrating Halloween and experiencing the excitement that comes each year in pinpointing the right role to play.

What If There's No Costume Swap In My Town?

Why not host your own! If that sounds like too much work, you can always turn to local thrift stores to find Halloween costumes that are still cheap and provide the same environmental benefit.

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