Get Paid to Save Money! See how Becky and Raymond are Getting Paid to Save Money at Honor Bank.


 Cindy Ockert at Honor Bank

Why have a common savings account when you can an Honor Bank free* Kasasa Saver account? That’s what Becky and Raymond wanted to know. They had a typical savings account and wanted to know more about other options. For them it’s Kasasa Saver.

Kasasa Saver** is a free savings account. There is no minimum balance required, and it pays you! How? It pays you by adding a Kasasa Saver to your Kasasa checking account.

When you earn cash rewards in your Kasasa checking, those earnings transfer into Kasasa Saver. Plus, Kasasa Saver pays a high rate of return!

  • 1.00% APY* on balances up to $100,000
  • The money you earn in Kasasa Cash, including the high APY and ATM fee refunds, will transfer into Kasasa Saver to help you save more.
  • The money you earn in Kasasa Cash Back, including the cash back and ATM fee refunds, will be deposited into Kasasa Saver to help you save more.



Kasasa banking was designed, from the very beginning, to be a win-win for both banking customers and community banks. Honor Bank Kasasa accounts are exclusively available only at a community bank.

Make saving effortless with a free Kasasa Saver account. It links to your free Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back checking account to build your savings automatically each month.

Kasasa offers accounts designed to give you what you want. Becky and Raymond were very pleased to find out about Kasasa Saver and how it will help them save more.

Call 877.325.8031 or visit us at a convenient branch location and we will help you Kasasa and save!

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The Kasasa Saver video was produced by 2188 Studios, a small Michigan production company led by Ben and Lucas Daniels based in Chelsea, Mich., and directed by Michigan native Jeff Daniels, with actors from the Purple Rose Theatre Company, also in Chelsea. And of course, Honor Bank’s own Kasasa expert Cindy ….

Here are all the good things to know about Kasasa Banking!


** Non-maintenance activity fees, such as fees for paper statements, may apply.


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