Looking for a Checking Account or Lunch? It’s Kasasa, not Kielbasa!

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Once Becky and Raymond understood that Honor Bank was offering Kasasa Checking and not Kielbasa they were on their way to building their own Honor Bank Free* Kasasa Cash Checking Account. It will pay them. Think about that!

Watch Becky and Raymond’s video about Kasasa checking accounts, it has nothing to do with Kielbasa but it’s a fun and amusing mistake that is quite common! 

The Kasasa checking accounts are exclusively available at community banks like Honor Bank for two reasons. First, because community banks are known for offering customers accounts that are free. Second, community banks also like to reward their customers for banking with them. Honor Bank actually pays you to bank with them!

Kasasa checking accounts are designed to give you what you want and need in a checking account. The accounts are free, have no minimum balance requirements, offer nationwide ATM withdrawal fee refunds, and free online banking.

When you Kasasa, you’ll have extra money to spend guilt-free, or add to your savings.  Here are the two types of Kasasa checking accounts available at Honor Bank.        

  • Kasasa Cash earns a high interest of up to 2.01% APY on balances up to $10,000, every month you qualify.
  • Kasasa Cash Back earns 2.0% cash back on all debit card purchases up to $6 per month and every month you qualify.

To earn your rewards, just do the following transactions and activities in your Kasasa Checking account during each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

  • Have at least 15 debit card purchases post and settle
  • Have at least 1 ACH payment transaction post and settle
  • Be enrolled in and log into online banking
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive eStatements**

And never worry if you forgot something one month…it’s okay…the account is still free! You can try again next month.

At Honor Bank your checking account is the center of your banking relationship with us, the link to your secure personal finance system. Whether you’re thinking of a Kielbasa lunch or pondering what’s a Kasasa? Kasasa checking certainly makes Honor Bank stand out among Traverse City banks.

Call 877.325.8031 or visit us at one of our convienant branch locations and we will help you Kasasa!

Learn more about Kasasa Saver


The Kasasa video was produced by 2188 Studios, a small Michigan production company led by Ben and Lucas Daniels based in Chelsea, Mich., and directed by Michigan native Jeff Daniels, with actors from the Purple Rose Theatre Company, also in Chelsea. And of course, Honor Bank’s own Kasasa expert Cindy ….

Here are all the good things to know about Kasasa Banking!

*   https://www.myhonorbank.com/kasasasaver
**Non-maintenance activity fees, such as fees for paper statements, may apply.

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