FAQ: How Often Does Kasasa Pay Interest?



One of the most important features for the financially conscious to consider when choosing a bank account is the interest rate. For all its importance, understanding which accounts offer the best interest rates can actually be pretty confusing. It's not just about the numbers – confusing terms like APY and APR make it clear there's more to it than just a percentage number.

A key factor in evaluating high interest accounts

To make sure you're choosing the account that will earn you the most, you need to know how often interest is paid.

Usually that should be pretty easy to find out and we want all current Kasasa account holders – and anyone considering switching to Kasasa – to know exactly what to expect from our accounts.

How often does Kasasa pay interest?

It's simple really: Kasasa accounts pay interest once a month, every month that your basic qualifications* are met.

For the majority of Kasasa account holders that means interest is paid every month, because those qualifications are simple. Things like using your debit card about a dozen times a month and taking advantage of online banking not only ensure you earn Kasasa's especially high interest rate, but also earn you other rewards like ATM refunds.

We know how often Kasasa accounts pay interest is an important point for financially savvy consumers to consider. Hopefully, we've made your research and decision a little easier.

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*Qualifications, limits, and other requirements apply to earn rewards on Kasasa accounts. See your chosen financial institution for details.

Blog Courtesy of Kasasa

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