DIY Father’s Day Gifts: 5 Ways to Make a Homemade Wallet for Dad



Dads aren't always easy to shop for. You could get him the kind of items that get advertised a lot around Father's Day, like power tools or electronic gadgets, but really dads are better at buying that stuff for themselves so they can get just the right thing.

Father's Day gifts should be something special and memorable.  Something that will make dad think of his kids every time he sees it. For that, some useful craft ideas can come in handy. Almost all dads need a good wallet, and there are lots of interesting and creative ways for kids to make a homemade wallet for Father's Day.

5 craft ideas to make a Father's Day wallet

1) Make a wallet out of an old tie.

Most dads have a closet full of ties, many of which they never actually wear. Those old ties that aren't getting much use can be turned into a more practical item. Here's a video that will take you through the steps of turning a tie into a wallet.

2) Make a wallet using duct tape.

Who doesn't love duct tape? You probably already have some tucked away somewhere in your house, so getting started with this craft should be easy. It's a pretty easy craft for kids and has an extra "cool" factor for dads who get a kick out of duct tape.

3) Make a homemade leather wallet.

Leather's a common choice for professionally made wallets, so a leather wallet that's homemade is especially nice. Even better, they'll last longer than some of the other wallets on this list. And they're not too hard to make (although this craft might be better for older kids).

4) Make the "perfect change" cardboard wallet.

For the dad who always seems to have too many coins, the "perfect change wallet" makes it much easier to find the right coin when you need it. Your dad will no longer be the guy in line everyone's waiting on while he digs in his wallet.

5) Make a homemade wallet out of a cassette tape.

Unless your family's pretty good about throwing old items out, you can probably dig up an old cassette tape no one listens to anymore. Once you find the tape, the process of turning it into a wallet is surprisingly simple and your dad will probably enjoy the retro look of his Father's Day gift.

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