5 Sites That Make Learning About Finances Fun (No Really!)



If you care about financial literacy and personal finance — good for you! You're already on the right track. Improving your money smarts can only work in your favor. But if you think learning about financial literacy can’t be fun, and that all personal finance blogs are stuffy and aimed at your elders, think again.

Here are 5 personal finance blogs and websites that speak your language while raising your financial literacy IQ:

Young Adult Money  While this site aims to educate Millennials (folks in their 20s and 30s) about personal finance topics like saving, budgeting, and investing, it also offers a lot of great lifestyle content, too. You’ll find budget-friendly gift ideas for college grads, advice on which subscription boxes are actually worth getting, and tips to make travel easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable.

Mr. Money Mustache  How could you not love a blog that promises to help you achieve financial freedom through “badassity?” The first-person verbiage makes you feel like you’re getting useful money advice from your much cooler, much smarter friend. And alongside the nuts-and-bolts, how-to kind of content like “Killing Your $1,000 Grocery Bill,” you can find a smattering of no-nonsense philosophy, presented with in-your-face flare.

Budgets are Sexy  Staged by the Mohawk-rocking “J. Money,” Budgets are Sexy may not exactly make budgeting well, sexy per se, but it does make the whole concept easier to understand. You’ll find a plethora of real things you can do to improve your budgeting habits, mixed in with hilariously pithy stuff like “How Angelina Jolie Budgets.” Be sure to check out the tab for 60-plus “side hustles,” because who couldn’t use a little extra money now and then?

The Budgetnista Blog  The blog author, Tiffany, is more mainstream than some of the other personal finance bloggers on this list, having also blogged for “The Huffington Post” and “U.S. News & World Report.” Tiff serves up a wealth of great financial advice, with an emphasis on information of particular interest to women. Her style is easy to understand and still detailed enough to make her suggestions really doable for everyone. For example, after reading her blog on how to self-publish a book, you might get inspired to publish your own and generate a new revenue stream for yourself — the average American millionaire has multiple income streams, Tiff points out.

The Simple Dollar — If you’re struggling with a lot of debt or if you've developed some really bad money habits that you’re trying to break, this is the site for you. A stable of smart, witty, and down-to-earth personal finance bloggers offers advice on a range of topics of particular interest to those burdened by debt. You’ll find insights and tips on credit cards, investing, banking, and more — all presented in a style that makes the information easy to digest and implement.

These are just some personal finance websites that are moving financial literacy out of the realm of the stuffy and into a much cooler place. What personal finance websites and blogs do you frequent?

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