4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home in 3 Hours or Less




The weekends are supposed to be a time to relax and de-stress from your hectic week, but they also might provide the only chance you get to work on that long list of home improvement projects. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to upgrade your home without sacrificing too much of your precious weekend time.

Here are some projects you can get done in three hours or less:

Update your hardware

This project requires nothing more than shiny new hardware and a screwdriver. Simply remove your old doorknobs or drawer pulls, and replace them with something that better suits the room. You can find cabinet hardware at home improvement and craft stores, or check out a local antique store for something more retro.

Polish your pathways

Over time, your driveway or front sidewalk can become stained by leaves, mildew, or car leaks. Take advantage of a sunny afternoon and get outside to blow off and thoroughly power-wash these surfaces. Getting rid of any unsightly stains will make it look nicer and give your curb appeal a boost.

Paint your front door

This quick and simple project can upgrade the entire look of your home. Go for a bright pop of color to stand out in the neighborhood, or pick something complementary to your house’s exterior. 

Build a raised flowerbed

It’s easy to build a raised flowerbed in less than an hour. Garden beds most commonly use wooden planks, but you can make yours unique by using pavers, stones or concrete blocks. Choose a sunny location with even ground and you’ll be growing fresh veggies and beautiful flowers in no time. 

Got a few hours free this weekend? Take on one of these projects for a sense of accomplishment and a fresh new look.

Blog Courtesy of Kasasa

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